Heads up! A new Maxthon 4 build, (RC), was recently released, it’s mostly a bug fixes release with no major changes. Sorry guys; no skin support yet! Who needs that anyway? *looks at angry mob* we all do of course.

See More for the changelog & Download links

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How to add a beautiful tile to launch Maxthon on Windows 8

metroLove it or hate it, the windows 8 start screen is certainly something that will not go away soon. What makes using the start screen much more bearable is a small, neat application called OblyTile, this program makes it possible to add “tiles” (the bunch of  colored squares you see on the start screen) to launch any application you would wish to add to this screen. This is quite different from adding a shortcut to the startscreen from the “All apps” screen; by using oblytile you are able to choose an image that represents this application rather than being stuck with the incredibly ugly default way of showing non-Metro applications on the start screen.

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Maxthon: A history of few major releases, many big changes

historyIt all started with a small, relatively unknown browser named MyIE in 1999, that was then renamed to Maxthon (version 1) on 2003, from there, a journey of exciting features additions, dramatic features omissions and lots and lots of forum posts followed, until 14 years later, when the latest version of Maxthon – version 4- was released. Just 4 major releases? I wonder what would happen If chrome developers created Maxthon. Hmmm..

Nevermind, this isn’t interesting. You are not reading this for a history lesson full of material copied from wikipedia, are you? What’s really interesting is how the developers of Maxthon managed to survive all the widely-changing world of technology without being left in the dark corner of irrelevance. A feat achieved only by a few number of applications.

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Maxthon reaches a new milestone with 200,000,000 downloads

Couldn't capture it at the moment of 200 million :( Yes, you read it right, it’s 2 hundred million downloads, while some may think it’s not a big deal, it’s certainly a proof that Maxthon has been growing constantly.*

From the early MyIE2 days till the announcement of version 3.0, Maxthon had an increase in users number, fans number and a heck lot of downloads. 🙂


* I know that downloads are not equal to users number, but there must be at least 1 new user download between 100 upgrade download, isn’t it? 😉

[Poll] The Return of the Newsletter?

On the early days of Maxthon 2 beta testing, I have set up a newsletter for new releases of the betas,  the newsletter has received a very good deal of attention and many have found it useful. Now, with the addition of numerous new ways to know when a new version is released, would you still be interested in a newsletter for Maxthon’s releases? cast your vote in the poll below…

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I know, it has been a while…

Man, it has been a while since my last post here, my post-exams days have been really busy, apparently I hadn’t much time to regularly update the blog, or post to the forum, I apologise to all the readers who are still faithfully visiting the blog and I can only hope that my upcoming studies won’t interfere with posting on the blog every once in a while (or I could just schedule 100 posts to be posted in advance for the next months, hehe 😀 )

Anyway, this is not a personal blog after all so I shouldn’t be wasting your time talking about my miserable life, there has been some updates in the forum and a couple of new releases, If you haven’t heard about them yet (I doubt it) you can always check them in our forum: http://forum.maxthon.com

Bye and see you later real soon… 🙂

Seize the Web!

The official Maxthon website has been updated recently to include a new slogan, the old one “the way we surf the web” was getting a little bit dull it seems, the developers decided to go with “Seize the Web!” instead, which I really like!

But I’m pretty sure Maxthon fans can come up with new and imaginative slogans, send any cool slogan you can think of to me using the contact page and the best 10 will be announced on the blog, and who knows; maybe the team will consider using one of them for Maxthon 3 too! 😉