New Maxthon 3 release and Webware100 award

A lot has happened in the past few days in the world of Maxthon, one of the attention-worthy events was that Maxthon won the webware100 award for the second time in a row, which is really great for a browser that is not one of the popular “big players”. We all hope that the final release of Maxthon 3 would keep the awards coming.¬†

Mentioning Maxthon 3, a new update has been also released for it with no invitations needed to be downloaded! this is a bug-fixes update only. Don’t worry, once the alpha is stable enough the developers will go crazy with the features additions. ūüėČ

Forum announcement of alpha 3 release (includes changelog and a public download link)


Follow Maxthon fans on Twitter

Twitter is a simple micro-blogging service where you can post updates under 140 letters as the latest news, comments on what you are doing right now or just what you are having for dinner today.

The twitter phenomena has spread everywhere, from celebrities and Hollywood stars to companies and even presidents. Maxthon fans, developers and users followed the trend and created several Twitter accounts, listed below, we are not aiming at having¬†1 million followers of course but some shameless promotion won’t harm. ūüôā

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Vote for Maxthon in 2009’s Webware100 Awards

Another year, another nomination for a “Webware 100” award, a contest ran by CNet¬†to choose the best 100 programs and services by public voting.

Last year, Maxthon has received an award in the browser category. This year, we hope we can do it again, excited about recent Maxthon 3 news? then go and vote for Maxthon to become a winner again:

You can also put a badge in your forums’ signature or in your site to spread the word:

Vote for Maxthon

Grabbing Maxthon with you…

A fellow member in the community, nicknamed Johnnylegend* has started a new Maxthon-related blog (they are increasing in number these days) which holds unofficial, home-made¬†“zipped” releases of Maxthon that require no installation and are designed to be easily extracted and put on a flash memory, so If you want to¬†have Maxthon with you wherever you go, make sure you get one of these regulary updated versions here:

*some claim that it’s his real name, but who knows?

OMG, Maxthon is becoming an adware!

Maxthon's click aid popupThere have been a lot of complains posted in the forum lately about the “Click Aid” popup,¬†this popup showed once¬†to all Maxthon 2 users last week on launching it, the popup was a way to ask users to join Maxthon in supporting the victims of China’s disastrous earthquake by donating to the American red cross.

It’s something really shameful and disrespectful to complain about this popup, it’s¬†the team duty to do its part in supporting the Earthquake relief, afterall¬†Maxthon is Chinese.

And what was quite obvious from these complains that many users didn’t know that¬†you can choose to stop receiving these announcements, it is optional, it has been optional since the early M1 versions, and it will always be optional in the¬†upcoming releases.

To¬†disable these messages: from Tools > Maxthon setup center > Advanced > Under “User interface”¬†Untick “Show Message Notification Window”, then click Apply.

If the popup shows everytime you start Maxthon, try this manual hack.

The team uses these announcements to let the users know about a big event, major update, or just to give us a nice season greeting, this means that you will receive one of these every year or so, there is no harm in keeping the feature enabled.
*Screenshot of the popup was captured by Donation coder’s member curt.

New addons website

Just a little announcement: after a long downtime, the addons website has been re-launched, or at least a slim version of it, the new website lacks some essential features, but the fast loading speed is undeniable, which was a major drawback of the old site, and we are glad to have it back anyway!

Edit: A search function was added, thanks Maxthon team!

Behold followers of Maxthon, you shall gather in vast numbers in our IRC Channel for all world to see!

People of Earth:

You probably have seen the pinned, highlighted and the can’t be missed¬†announcement in the forum about it before, but If you haven’t, here is the whole thing again:

A new IRC channel for Maxthon fans has been created, you are welcome to ask any question you have in mind about Maxthon, or just enjoy some random chit chatting.

Now for the technical stuff:
Room: #maxthon

If you don’t have an IRC client, you can use the java-based version here:

See you there! ūüôā

PS: Title is (c) to johnnylegend