How to improve Maxthon’s compatibility with Internet Explorer 8

If you have installed the latest version of internet explorer already, you would have noticed that the compatibility of Maxthon 2 with IE8 is less than perfect, particularly when it comes to supporting IE8’s improvements like the faster speed and better websites designing standards compatibility. Also there are some IE8 problems and bugs that affects Maxthon.

So here’s a few tweaks that should bring the goodness of IE8 to your comfy Maxthon 2 installation and even fix some of IE8’s issues: Continue reading


Featured plugin: MyGoogle TE 3.1.0, the superb Google enhancer!

Featured pluginThis is one of the most used plugins for Maxthon, and one of my personal favorites, I really don’t know how I could live without it, from the simple new additions to Google as adding numbers before each results to the new ideas as the infinite scrolling feature, this plugin is indeed a must have for all the Google’s users (which is probably about 99% of the readers of this blog ;) ).

In this post, I will cover all the features of the plugin with a detailed description…

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Recommended Maxthon plugins

Recommended Maxthon plugins:

  • More options
    This plugin adds a bunch of cool new features to Maxthon, Like Tab previewing, Customizable context menu, Combined refresh & stop buttons, Status bar plugins and much more!
  • Plugin manager
    Have you ever dreamet of being able to run certain plugins/scripts one certain sites? Being able to hide some plugins buttons? Well, You can with this plugin!
  • Ad hunter extensions
    adds helpful ad hunter functions like restoring ad without refreshing page, Display a list of blockable items on the page, and Replaces ads with any text/picture or even HTML code.
  • BlogEX
    Handy blogging tool, offers creating and managing posts features, and support mult-blogs and 3 types of blogs, With a powerful WYSIWYG editor.
  • My style
    I hate how some websites uses very dark text on a dark background, Or using many graphics which annoy you while browsing this site, With My style plugin, You can change background color, remove images and apply custom CSS rules!
  • Float bar
    Save images/flashes/videos on the fly! With a toolbar like IE one but with more advanced features, You can copy any text, zoom any image or copy the URL to the clipboard with one click
  • Easyfinder
    Find text in pages with power, With Inceremental search, highliting, mouse wheel support and custom shortcuts, You can’t miss a word in a webpage again!
  • Google Bookmarks
    Ajaxed-sidebar plugin, That has the look and feel of a favorites manager, so you can edit/delete/create bookmarks in the free google bookmarks service.

BlogEX, Cool Maxthon plugin for blogging

A new Maxthon plugin has been released today, Made by Maxthon forum moderators Neo101 and SiC, The new plugin offers many features which make blogging much easier and more fun..

With this plugin you can select any text on any webpage to copy it to a new post in your blog, The plugin supports WordPress, Windows Live Spaces and Typepad blogs, You will be able to manage your current posts, edit or create posts/articles with a powerful WYSIWYG editor! 🙂

Get this cool plugin now and start blogging 🙂