About me

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Hi, I’m Mo’men Ahmed Riad, also known as Momo in the forum and Mamoun in the IRC and some other websites (Don’t ask why I chose these nicknames, I really don’t know).

I’m a Moderator in Maxthon’s Forum and a big fan of Maxthon, the latter was the first to occur of course, I have been using Maxthon for about 4 years and been a forum member for ~3 years.

I like to test new software and to pick the best in each category myself, I don’t usually go with the most popular one just because it is (You know what I mean), I also enjoy designing graphics and building websites, my favorite non-Maxthon forum is www.donationcoder.com

On the less technical side I’m a fan of Harry Potter and good fantasy movies/books, I also enjoy some horror/thriller movies espicially the Saw series (which has been going downhill lately, but that’s not a good place for a rant). I’m, however, not a big fan of writing about myself, I’m not very skillful in it, If you haven’t noticed that already.

Now enough about me, this blog is by no means an official blog for Maxthon and is not affiliated with Maxthon International Limited


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