How to add a beautiful tile to launch Maxthon on Windows 8

metroLove it or hate it, the windows 8 start screen is certainly something that will not go away soon. What makes using the start screen much more bearable is a small, neat application called OblyTile, this program makes it possible to add “tiles” (the bunch of  colored squares you see on the start screen) to launch any application you would wish to add to this screen. This is quite different from adding a shortcut to the startscreen from the “All apps” screen; by using oblytile you are able to choose an image that represents this application rather than being stuck with the incredibly ugly default way of showing non-Metro applications on the start screen.

Oblytile Download

After downloading and launching the application, adding Maxthon (or any other program) is pretty easy, all you have to do is typing in the tile name (the name shown on the tile), and choosing Maxthon exe in the program path field (that would be in the “bin” folder inside the directory where you installed Maxthon). Then choose an image, you can use the images I linked to later on this post.


Alternatively, just open the tile manager (folder icon on the top right) and select “Convert shortcuts to tiles” (shortcut icon above the list shown) and then select Maxthon.

For the image, the insanely-detailed Metro UI Dock Icon Set includes a Maxthon icon, also it’s pretty easy to use any png image you would like, the application will resize it automatically.


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