Back to Maxthon 2:

Have you been worried that the Maxthon 3 buzz was taking over M2 and M2 was going the way of Maxthon classic? worry no more; a new update for M2 has been released, 2.5.2 beta4, click Read the rest of this entry for the changelog…


Here’s the long bug fixes log for you to enjoy:


  • Fixed some IME input problems and IME window position problems
  • Fixed a flash full screen display problem
  • Fixed a webpage layout problem under IE8 when script plugin is auto started
  • Fixed problem that dropdown list and menu item cannot be selected under IE6
  • Fixed problem that middle click on link does not work after page zoom under IE8
  • Fixed a password input problem of an online bank using custom activex control
  • Fixed a Send Page by Email and Send Page Url by Email problem
  • Fixed problem that external download manager does not work for float button
  • Fixed IME text selection window position problem under split view
  • Fixed some webpage transparent problems (see windows below)
  • Fixed problem that anti freeze stop working after certain shortcut key operations
  • Fixed problem that close all tabs may cause crash of maxthon
  • Improved mouse cursor responsiveness


  • Fixed problem that Force Open in New Tab may open certain ads in new tab
  • Fixed some session saving problems
  • Undo closed tab also restores scroll position now
  • Fixed some float button position problems under IE8
  • Fixed some dialog focus problems when windowsblind is running
  • Fixed problem that maxthon does not get focus when clicked
  • Fixed webpage position problem when external link is opened while hidden by boss key
  • Fixed popup window size problem when popup is not opened as tab
  • Fixed maxthon position problem when task bar is on top or left of screen
  • Context menu skin support is temporarily removed for stability issues

Float Button

  • Fixed problem that wrong file path is opened after Save As is finished
  • Fixed problem that webpage lose focus when menu is right clicked


  • Fixed problem that multiple tasks are shown in task manager

Below are some known issues:

Known Issues

  • Flickering (focus switches rapidly) under certain circumstances
  • IE plugins are temporarily disabled
  • Webpage transparent problem (see windows below) when switch skin
  • Mouse cursor sometimes position incorrectly when input text

Announcement: (Not yet available at the time of posting)


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