View your online favorites…online

Have you ever wanted, when you are at work, to open a link in your Maxthon favorites? installing Maxthon itself is not an option as in this pretty close environment, IE (Internet explorer) and only IE is used and you can’t have anything else more usable. So what would you do in this case?

You can open the newly released favorites website with any browser, where you can log in using your Maxthon passport and view all the favorites you have uploaded on the server using Maxthon, you can’t edit the favorites as for now but it’s still pretty cool to have this service. Thanks Maxthon team!

Take a look


New Maxthon 3 release and Webware100 award

A lot has happened in the past few days in the world of Maxthon, one of the attention-worthy events was that Maxthon won the webware100 award for the second time in a row, which is really great for a browser that is not one of the popular “big players”. We all hope that the final release of Maxthon 3 would keep the awards coming. 

Mentioning Maxthon 3, a new update has been also released for it with no invitations needed to be downloaded! this is a bug-fixes update only. Don’t worry, once the alpha is stable enough the developers will go crazy with the features additions. 😉

Forum announcement of alpha 3 release (includes changelog and a public download link)

How to improve Maxthon’s compatibility with Internet Explorer 8

If you have installed the latest version of internet explorer already, you would have noticed that the compatibility of Maxthon 2 with IE8 is less than perfect, particularly when it comes to supporting IE8’s improvements like the faster speed and better websites designing standards compatibility. Also there are some IE8 problems and bugs that affects Maxthon.

So here’s a few tweaks that should bring the goodness of IE8 to your comfy Maxthon 2 installation and even fix some of IE8’s issues: Continue reading