Follow Maxthon fans on Twitter

Twitter is a simple micro-blogging service where you can post updates under 140 letters as the latest news, comments on what you are doing right now or just what you are having for dinner today.

The twitter phenomena has spread everywhere, from celebrities and Hollywood stars to companies and even presidents. Maxthon fans, developers and users followed the trend and created several Twitter accounts, listed below, we are not aiming at having 1 million followers of course but some shameless promotion won’t harm. 🙂

Developers/Main Team:

  • Bloodchen (Maxthon’s Founder and main developer)
  • kukukuan (Forum Admin)
  • firs73 (Forum Admin and the only well-known “she” in the team ;))
  • Ron White (aka: Maxthon Guy)

English Forum Staff:

  • Carpediem (Forum’s evil Admin)
  • JarC (Forum Admin and the most commited person on Earth)
  • Shaana (Forum Moderator, skins designer, plugins developer..etc)

VIP Fans:

  • ntzphyr (A fan who spent 960 hours online in the forum so far)
  • Glennie (A brit fan with a spanish twist)
  • LarryE (a.k.a: No.1 Maxthon Fan)

Using Maxthon and Twitter? add a comment here with your Twitter account address so I can add you to the list! don’t forget to follow some of the fans in the list above, I wouldn’t mind some followers myself too. 😛


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