Tip: “Magically” login to your favorite websites with one click

Maxthon 2 introduced a nifty feature called Magic Fill, this little tool can fill forms with pre-saved data either login information for websites or personal information in registration forms (from what you fill in the Setup Center).

Menu of the Magic Fill button

Play button opens the website then fill and submit the login form

Unlike Opera’s Magic wand (and a lot like Roboform’s feature “fill and submit”) you can with Magic fill save time opening a website, clicking the fill button and clicking the submit button by using the sub-menu of the Magic fill button to access your favorite websites, this way it only needs one click to open the site, fill the data and then submitting it.

Clicking the item itself opens the website and fill only while the little “play” button on the right of each item works as a “fill and submit” option.





You can choose what sites you would like to keep in this menu by putting a “tick” next to them in Tools > Maxthon setup center > Magic Fill

Maxthon Setup Center's Magic fill section

Maxthon Setup Center's Magic fill section


Follow Maxthon fans on Twitter

Twitter is a simple micro-blogging service where you can post updates under 140 letters as the latest news, comments on what you are doing right now or just what you are having for dinner today.

The twitter phenomena has spread everywhere, from celebrities and Hollywood stars to companies and even presidents. Maxthon fans, developers and users followed the trend and created several Twitter accounts, listed below, we are not aiming at having 1 million followers of course but some shameless promotion won’t harm. 🙂

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Vote for Maxthon in 2009’s Webware100 Awards

Another year, another nomination for a “Webware 100” award, a contest ran by CNet to choose the best 100 programs and services by public voting.

Last year, Maxthon has received an award in the browser category. This year, we hope we can do it again, excited about recent Maxthon 3 news? then go and vote for Maxthon to become a winner again:


You can also put a badge in your forums’ signature or in your site to spread the word:

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Maxthon reaches a new milestone with 200,000,000 downloads

Couldn't capture it at the moment of 200 million :( Yes, you read it right, it’s 2 hundred million downloads, while some may think it’s not a big deal, it’s certainly a proof that Maxthon has been growing constantly.*

From the early MyIE2 days till the announcement of version 3.0, Maxthon had an increase in users number, fans number and a heck lot of downloads. 🙂


* I know that downloads are not equal to users number, but there must be at least 1 new user download between 100 upgrade download, isn’t it? 😉