Maxthon 3 to feature both Trident and Webkit!

More information about the upcoming major release has been revealed in the last two IRC channel meetings with Maxthon’s main developers, and as expected, Johnnylegend (you should have read this name several times by now) posted both logs on his blog.

If you have been following this blog you would know that a new engine will be available to Maxthon 3 in addition to Trident (IE’s rendering engine). the new engine is “faster and more [compatible with] standard[s]” and opensource, this means we were left with two choices: Webkit and Gecko, this time we know that it’s officially Webkit and this is definitely good news. 😀

Why, you ask? Webkit is basically an attention magnet today, many consider it one of the best rendering engines ever made, it was even rumored once that Microsoft is considering it for new IE versions (which is false, of course). There is no doubt that the super speedy Webkit engine is a big factor in attracting people to Google’s Chrome too.

On the good side: with Maxthon’s various enhancements and Chrome-like speed, it would be a bless to use Maxthon even more, all the quirks and bugs of Trident will be long gone and you can always switch engines when you stumble upon a site that doesn’t work with it or use both at the same time.

But on the bad side: the installation size will grow in size to perhaps 8~9 mbs, but this is only If Webkit will be bundled with Maxthon (technically it’s illegal to bundle a GPL licensed code to a proprietary licensed software, but we will wait and see how this will work out). Additionally, many IE-only features might be removed as IE toolbars support, but again, we don’t know yet, it’s all speculations at this point.

And as the buzz around Maxthon 3 continues, a Chinese site has recently made an interview with Jeff Chen, Maxthon’s manager, where it was also revealed that version 3 will be definitely out by 2010, you can read the automatically translated article here.

Stay tuned for more Maxthon 3 news and rumors!


5 thoughts on “Maxthon 3 to feature both Trident and Webkit!

  1. Regarding the licensing: Webkit isn’t distributed under the GPL, but a BSD(ish) license. The parts that make up Webkit (WebCore and SquirrelFish (previously javascriptcore) ) are LGPL licensed.
    BSD style licences (and to a lesser degree LGPL) is a very permissive license when it comes to for example proprietary commercial use of licensed code.


  2. Can’t wait to test the new Maxthon 3.0. I just know it’s going to be the best browser in the world and blow all those others out of the water. Maxthon already does that for me. Can’t you get it ready for 2009 instead of 2010? I’m in a hurry. LOL

  3. I went from maxthon 2 to firefox because of the traffic light that comes up saying page unresponsive. Hopefully maxthon 3 removes this annoying feature, until then i have to…. have to…. use firefox -_-

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