Internet Explorer 8 Final is out

We hate it, we refuse to use it, but we can’t stop updating it. With Internet explorer 8 final released today, Maxthon can become faster and more compatible with standards by inheriting some of IE8’s engine changes, which makes the update to this new version of IE a must for every user out there whether you were using IE or not.

Download | Maxthon’s forum discussion

As always, IE8’s engine support can be enabled from the advanced section of the setup center. There has been no confirmed problems with Maxthon 2.5.2 and IE8 Final so far except for a rendering issue with Gmail, we will let you know when a fix is available.

Update: “ntzphyr” in Maxthon’s forum has found a workaround already, you can see his post here.


[Updated] Beta 2 of 2.5.2 released

Another bug-fixes update for the 2.5 branch, version Beta 2. This one has received very positive responses so far for its speed and stability.

And no, the popular show window frame option is still not back, patience is a virtue, guys.

Update: If you have downloaded this release before 15/3 please redownload as the “No focus on address bar when new tab is opened” issue was fixed in a new silent update (with the same version number).

Download | Announcement & Changelog

Maxthon beta

A new version has been released a while ago that includes fixes for the “Isolator” feature introduced earlier in 2.5. Nothing fancy, just a bunch of “underhood” fixes, but that’s a good reason to upgrade anyway If you are already using the 2.5 branch.

BTW: The ability to show window’s frame rather than the custom one is not back (yet), rest assured though, the team are looking for a way to add it back while keeping the new framework.

Download | Announcement

[Poll] The Return of the Newsletter?

On the early days of Maxthon 2 beta testing, I have set up a newsletter for new releases of the betas,  the newsletter has received a very good deal of attention and many have found it useful. Now, with the addition of numerous new ways to know when a new version is released, would you still be interested in a newsletter for Maxthon’s releases? cast your vote in the poll below…

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Maxthon 3 to feature both Trident and Webkit!

More information about the upcoming major release has been revealed in the last two IRC channel meetings with Maxthon’s main developers, and as expected, Johnnylegend (you should have read this name several times by now) posted both logs on his blog.

If you have been following this blog you would know that a new engine will be available to Maxthon 3 in addition to Trident (IE’s rendering engine). the new engine is “faster and more [compatible with] standard[s]” and opensource, this means we were left with two choices: Webkit and Gecko, this time we know that it’s officially Webkit and this is definitely good news. 😀

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