What we know so far about Maxthon 3

During two scheduled meetings in Maxthon’s IRC channel, Bloodchen, Maxthon’s main developer and founder, gave a few hints about the upcoming major version of Maxthon, 3.0

If you have missed it you would be happy to know that Johnnylegend (a member of Maxthon’s community) is keeping transcripts for both meetings and makes them available for all Maxthon fans to read, you can find them here: http://en.wordpress.com/tag/irc-gg-general-gibberish/

But If you want to take the shortcut, here’s what we have learnt so far about Maxthon 3.0 and future plans ahead in the development…

  • Maxthon 3 is being worked on, an “internal version” is said to be released soon to the internal testing team, this doesn’t mean that Maxthon 2 will be abandoned, more features will be added to it.
  • The well-known “Awseome bar” of Firefox will make its way to Maxthon in a way or another.
  • Userscripts or Greasemonkey support is “considered”.
  • A Privacy mode, found in IE8, Firefox and Chrome will be added to Maxthon too.
  • A new engine would be added in addition to Trident (IE), so Maxthon 3 would be able to use both (optional), the new engine is “faster and more [compatible with] standard[s]” and open-source.
  • The interface would be more customizable.
  • The application will be more portable out of the box.

This is not set in stone of course, bear in mind that things are subjected to change.


6 thoughts on “What we know so far about Maxthon 3

  1. Well… That’s a pity, really.

    I’m from the time Maxthon whould bring us new things, tecnologies, new User Experience… but, from what a see in this list, there’s absolut nothing new.

    We will have the awsome bar from Firefox, greasemonkey from firefox, privacy mode from all the others, a engine from Chrome or whatever…

    So… What’s really new about Maxthon 3.0? That’s a pity.

  2. I think Maxthon got enough innovations already in the 2.x branch, it’s time to catch up with other browsers’ features that are almost standards today such as privacy mode and “Awseome bar”…etc.

    The list is also far from completed, so let’s not judge something that hasn’t even been released.

  3. Sounds very exciting! Have been checking back at the Maxthon website every single day, to see if the new release is out yet. I know you and your staff have worked very hard, Bloodchen – I can’t wait! Thank you for the greatest browser in the world, bar none!

  4. @Dam:
    That’s the spirit! 🙂
    BTW, Alpha 3, coming this month, is said to have more features of M2 implemented and with a new version of webkit integrated.

  5. Maxthon 2 is by far the best browser that I have ever seen. I’m very excited about Maxthon 3 as it appears to combine the best of all other browsers under one hood.

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