Tip: Putting “URL Quick-Completion Shortcuts” feature to use

Tip bulb

Some of you may have noticed this feature before, but few have actually used it as just pressing ctrl+enter to add www. and .com to the beginning and the end of the URL.

For those who haven’t figured out what this feature was, it’s the ability to customize the different shortcuts to add custom text before and after the URL, found at the top of the Navigation page in Maxthon setup center, it’s pictured below:

Maxthon setup Center screenshot

It may sound simple, or even useless, but all what it needs is a bit of editing and you will get a shortcuts based quick search. For example: you can edit the ctrl+enter shortcut to add “http://www.google.com/search?q=” (without the quotes) to the beginning of the url, and nothing to its end, then you can type a keyword in the address bar, press ctrl+enter and the search page appears!

Many combinations can be added, what’s possible to add as a search engine can be added here, it just depends on your imagination and perhaps a bit of javascript skills to do much more.


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