Newbies only: How to add a custom search engine to Maxthon

Adding a new custom search engine is pretty much common knowledge to Maxthon users, but as many people arrive here while searching for how to add Google or any other custom search engine to Maxthon I thought a tutorial should be here.

While I was about to write one, I found a great tutorial in a blog already made and complete with screenshots and clear explanation, the link to the tutorial can be found below, thanks Sezin Karli for saving my time and other Maxthoner’s time too!


What we know so far about Maxthon 3

During two scheduled meetings in Maxthon’s IRC channel, Bloodchen, Maxthon’s main developer and founder, gave a few hints about the upcoming major version of Maxthon, 3.0

If you have missed it you would be happy to know that Johnnylegend (a member of Maxthon’s community) is keeping transcripts for both meetings and makes them available for all Maxthon fans to read, you can find them here:

But If you want to take the shortcut, here’s what we have learnt so far about Maxthon 3.0 and future plans ahead in the development… Continue reading

Tip: Putting “URL Quick-Completion Shortcuts” feature to use

Tip bulb

Some of you may have noticed this feature before, but few have actually used it as just pressing ctrl+enter to add www. and .com to the beginning and the end of the URL.

For those who haven’t figured out what this feature was, it’s the ability to customize the different shortcuts to add custom text before and after the URL, found at the top of the Navigation page in Maxthon setup center Continue reading