Two Dot Five

Just as you all thought that this blog was dead and there are no new updates for Maxthon, a beta of an all-new Maxthon 2.5 has been released today, giving me something to post about here, and it IS something!

Maxthon 2.5 is a major update not just because of the big version number but for the new changes done to the tabs; before, even with the multi-threading feature on the browser may freezes for a while If a tab freezes, and the original anti-freeze feature wasn’t exactly perfect; as the tabs were still part of the browser itself.

Now with 2.5, each tab is considered as a seperate window, If a tab hangs, the main interface remains responsive, allowing you to close the tab or reopen it, this also means If a tab crashes it won’t take the whole browser down with it, Maxthon will notify you, too.

For the announcement, download link and changelog, click here.


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