Version 2.1.4 beta is out, bringing IE8 support

If you are ahead of the game and have installed Internet explorer 8 new beta 2 release already, you may have found that it doesn’t work quite well with Maxthon, so here it is, 2.1.4 beta which is compatible with IE’s latest release and includes some general stability improvements.

IE8’s engine support can be enabled from the advanced section of the setup center.

Update: the final version is now available:

Update 2: If you arrived here while searching for “Maxthon” and “IE8” you should read the updated post about IE8 Final here instead:


Grabbing Maxthon with you…

A fellow member in the community, nicknamed Johnnylegend* has started a new Maxthon-related blog (they are increasing in number these days) which holds unofficial, home-made “zipped” releases of Maxthon that require no installation and are designed to be easily extracted and put on a flash memory, so If you want to have Maxthon with you wherever you go, make sure you get one of these regulary updated versions here:

*some claim that it’s his real name, but who knows?

I know, it has been a while…

Man, it has been a while since my last post here, my post-exams days have been really busy, apparently I hadn’t much time to regularly update the blog, or post to the forum, I apologise to all the readers who are still faithfully visiting the blog and I can only hope that my upcoming studies won’t interfere with posting on the blog every once in a while (or I could just schedule 100 posts to be posted in advance for the next months, hehe 😀 )

Anyway, this is not a personal blog after all so I shouldn’t be wasting your time talking about my miserable life, there has been some updates in the forum and a couple of new releases, If you haven’t heard about them yet (I doubt it) you can always check them in our forum:

Bye and see you later real soon… 🙂