OMG, Maxthon is becoming an adware!

Maxthon's click aid popupThere have been a lot of complains posted in the forum lately about the “Click Aid” popup, this popup showed once to all Maxthon 2 users last week on launching it, the popup was a way to ask users to join Maxthon in supporting the victims of China’s disastrous earthquake by donating to the American red cross.

It’s something really shameful and disrespectful to complain about this popup, it’s the team duty to do its part in supporting the Earthquake relief, afterall Maxthon is Chinese.

And what was quite obvious from these complains that many users didn’t know that you can choose to stop receiving these announcements, it is optional, it has been optional since the early M1 versions, and it will always be optional in the upcoming releases.

To disable these messages: from Tools > Maxthon setup center > Advanced > Under “User interface” Untick “Show Message Notification Window”, then click Apply.

If the popup shows everytime you start Maxthon, try this manual hack.

The team uses these announcements to let the users know about a big event, major update, or just to give us a nice season greeting, this means that you will receive one of these every year or so, there is no harm in keeping the feature enabled.
*Screenshot of the popup was captured by Donation coder’s member curt.


2 thoughts on “OMG, Maxthon is becoming an adware!

  1. I am using Maxthon Version UNICODE and for some reason there is no means to disable the “show message notification window”. Not sure if this is a bug in this version. This was a fresh install.

  2. Hi Walt,
    Please try manually changing the option value in the Config.ini file which is found in:
    Maxthon’s folder > your account folder* > Config
    *: this will be either your passport email or a Sharedaccount folder in case you are using a shared account.

    After you open the file, change the option “PopupMessage=1” to “PopupMessage=0”, it is located under the [updates] section (use CTRL+F If you can’t find it)

    And in case you don’t have this option in the config file too, you can manually add it to the file (make sure you put it under the correct section, which is mentioned above)

    If you want a quicker fix, I recommend that you upgrade to the latest version.

    Don’t forget to let me know the results please… 🙂

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