Time to update, folks!

Maxthon 2.1.0 was released today, this is the final release so there is no excuse for not updating, this release biggest feature is the stability and performance boost, there is also a couple of hundreds of bugs fixes.

Another “noticeable” addition is that the last visited pages feature now “accumulates” links from previous sessions, I’d rather quote Aghan (one of the development team members) on this:

If a page in the Last Visited Pages list is not re-opened and the Last Visited Pages is not closed [in a session], it will be carried forward [in the next session].

You can download the new version from the official site, direct links are listed below:
http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Maxthon_Preview/1029407732/3 (still not updated at the time of writing this post)

Other useful links:


2 thoughts on “Time to update, folks!

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