Even newer addons site

The addons site has been re-released (or let’s say re-re-re-re-re-released ūüėČ ), now with¬†the search feature back¬†and a new look, check it out: http://addons.maxthon.com/en


OMG, Maxthon is becoming an adware!

Maxthon's click aid popupThere have been a lot of complains posted in the forum lately about the “Click Aid” popup,¬†this popup showed once¬†to all Maxthon 2 users last week on launching it, the popup was a way to ask users to join Maxthon in supporting the victims of China’s disastrous earthquake by donating to the American red cross.

It’s something really shameful and disrespectful to complain about this popup, it’s¬†the team duty to do its part in supporting the Earthquake relief, afterall¬†Maxthon is Chinese.

And what was quite obvious from these complains that many users didn’t know that¬†you can choose to stop receiving these announcements, it is optional, it has been optional since the early M1 versions, and it will always be optional in the¬†upcoming releases.

To¬†disable these messages: from Tools > Maxthon setup center > Advanced > Under “User interface”¬†Untick “Show Message Notification Window”, then click Apply.

If the popup shows everytime you start Maxthon, try this manual hack.

The team uses these announcements to let the users know about a big event, major update, or just to give us a nice season greeting, this means that you will receive one of these every year or so, there is no harm in keeping the feature enabled.
*Screenshot of the popup was captured by Donation coder’s member curt.

Seize the Web!

The official Maxthon website¬†has been updated recently to include a new slogan, the old one “the way we surf the web” was getting a little bit dull it seems,¬†the developers decided to go with “Seize the Web!” instead, which I really like!

But I’m pretty sure Maxthon fans can come up with new and imaginative slogans, send any cool slogan you can think¬†of to me using the contact page and the best 10 will be announced on the blog,¬†and¬†who knows;¬†maybe the team will consider¬†using one of them for Maxthon 3¬†too!¬†ūüėČ

New small update:

Maxthon 2.1 has received a small update on 15/5/2008, version, here’s the official change log:

  • Sidebar will remember last opened item
  • Added Web Toolbar to “View > Toolbar” menu and toolbar context menu (need to reset menu bar)
  • Fixed some scroll up/down problems
  • Screen capture quality set to High by default
  • Fixed “right click a link > add to favorites” empty title problem

And this alert was attached to it: Note that customization of the Web toolbar cannot be saved in this version, please consider this bug before update.

I know that the recent changes to version 2 haven’t been that impressive, but rest assured that many new features are kept under the hood just waiting to be announced, and it’s sooner than what you might think. ūüėČ

Announcement topic at the forum

New addons website

Just a little announcement: after a long downtime, the addons website has been re-launched, or at least a slim version of it, the new website lacks some essential features, but the fast loading speed is undeniable, which was a major drawback of the old site, and we are glad to have it back anyway!

Edit: A search function was added, thanks Maxthon team!

Time to update, folks!

Maxthon 2.1.0 was released today, this is the final release so there is no excuse for not updating, this release biggest feature is the stability and performance boost, there is also a couple of hundreds of bugs fixes.

Another “noticeable”¬†addition is that the¬†last visited pages feature now¬†“accumulates” links from previous sessions, I’d rather quote Aghan (one of the development team members) on this:

If a page in the Last Visited Pages list is not re-opened and the Last Visited Pages is not closed [in a session], it will be carried forward [in the next session].

You can download the new version from the official site, direct links are listed below:
http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Maxthon_Preview/1029407732/3 (still not updated at the time of writing this post)

Other useful links: