Featured plugin: MyGoogle TE 3.1.0, the superb Google enhancer!

Featured pluginThis is one of the most used plugins for Maxthon, and one of my personal favorites, I really don’t know how I could live without it, from the simple new additions to Google as adding numbers before each results to the new ideas as the infinite scrolling feature, this plugin is indeed a must have for all the Google’s users (which is probably about 99% of the readers of this blog ;) ).

In this post, I will cover all the features of the plugin with a detailed description…

Brief summary:

Created by: Neo101
Version reviewed: 3.1.0 (released in 2 March 2008)
Type:A button plugin (script)
Description (from the plugin’s topic):
MyGoogle TE improves Google search results.
This Maxthon plugin can use a feature called “Infinite scroll” to load results at the bottom of the page so you don’t have to press the “next” button anymore,
add links to other search engines like Yahoo, enable GoogleSuggest, that will offer you suggestions in real time while you are typing your keywords, and much more!
It can also remove the advertisement on Google Search and filter certain URLs from the search results.
Currently the plugin enhances the normal Google Search pages, Google Image Search and Google News

Features in-detail:

As every other Maxthon plugin, the installation is easy and pretty straight-forward, after clicking the “install” link in the addons website or downloading the m2p package from the forum, the plugin appears in the plugins toolbar once installed.

The plugin main icon runs the main function, which is applying your desired options to Google’s pages, you can switch the customizations on or off from the plugin’s button submenu, where a “setup” menu item is located.

The settings window is categorized into 6 sections:

Google search:
This is where you can turn on and off the different features concerning the main Google search site, there are many options available:

The settings window

  1. Remove ads in Google search: as the option says, If enabled, all the ads in Google search are removed, this works slightly better than Maxthon’s Ad hunter in most cases, since it’s designed especially for Google, for example: this feature will remove the sponsored links in the results page that Maxthon’s ad hunter fails to filter.
  2. Add numbers before results in Google Search: self explanatory, adds a neat number before each result in the results list.
  3. Enable Google suggest: this integrates Google’s experimental feature into the normal Google search page, this feature makes the search box more useful by showing a list of the relevant keywords to the one you are typing as you are typing it.
  4. Use infinite scroll: one of the fresh ideas that were included with the plugin, with this option enabled, new search results would automatically appear at the end of the current list when you scroll to the end of the page, so you don’t have to manually navigate to the next page, If you also have the numbering feature enabled it would be a lot easier to keep track of the search results shown so far.
  5. Remove links to Cache, similar pages and Note this: Removes the links under each result.
  6. Google search thumbnail: includes small screenshots (thumbnails of screenshots) of each results before it, you can pick one of the free services that generates these websites screenshots and you can also change how many result would have a thumbnail.
  7. Open results in new tab: well, it opens the results in a new tab! 😉

Image search:
Settings related the images search part of Google’s site is included here:

  1. Link thumbnails directly to images: instead of showing the website where the image is taken from with a frame at the top after clicking a thumbnail this will make the thumbnails linked to the full versions automatically.
  2. Add “Page” and “Image” links under every image: this option includes two links after each thumbnail linking to both the website where the image is located and the full version itself.

Google search/image/news links:
This is where you can add and remove the custom links found above the first result and gives you the ability to include the current keyword you are searching for in a URL, for example you can search in yahoo for the same keyword just by adding the search URL you normally use in Maxthon and include the variable “%KEYWORD%” where you want the keyword to be put.

Black list:
Add URLs of the websites you want to filter from Google’s results, the filtered result will be shown as “Hidden Result” in the results page, the hidden result text can be clicked to reveal the filtered result.


MyGoogle does not only makes Google’s results more easier and user-friendly, it also improve the overall experience by adding these small bits and pieces that makes the everyday use much better, so get it and try it yourself!

Plugin’s topic


1 thought on “Featured plugin: MyGoogle TE 3.1.0, the superb Google enhancer!

  1. Hi,

    After reading your blog, I installed the same version of the plugin. Everything seems to be fine: it appears in my plugin toolbar and the options available are like what you mentioned above. However, when I did searches on Google, the appearance of the search result pages returned was like normal, as if the plugin was never installed. I am using Maxthon v2.1.0.2082. Am I missing something? Any help would be much appreciated.

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