Recommended Maxthon plugins

Recommended Maxthon plugins:

  • More options
    This plugin adds a bunch of cool new features to Maxthon, Like Tab previewing, Customizable context menu, Combined refresh & stop buttons, Status bar plugins and much more!
  • Plugin manager
    Have you ever dreamet of being able to run certain plugins/scripts one certain sites? Being able to hide some plugins buttons? Well, You can with this plugin!
  • Ad hunter extensions
    adds helpful ad hunter functions like restoring ad without refreshing page, Display a list of blockable items on the page, and Replaces ads with any text/picture or even HTML code.
  • BlogEX
    Handy blogging tool, offers creating and managing posts features, and support mult-blogs and 3 types of blogs, With a powerful WYSIWYG editor.
  • My style
    I hate how some websites uses very dark text on a dark background, Or using many graphics which annoy you while browsing this site, With My style plugin, You can change background color, remove images and apply custom CSS rules!
  • Float bar
    Save images/flashes/videos on the fly! With a toolbar like IE one but with more advanced features, You can copy any text, zoom any image or copy the URL to the clipboard with one click
  • Easyfinder
    Find text in pages with power, With Inceremental search, highliting, mouse wheel support and custom shortcuts, You can’t miss a word in a webpage again!
  • Google Bookmarks
    Ajaxed-sidebar plugin, That has the look and feel of a favorites manager, so you can edit/delete/create bookmarks in the free google bookmarks service.

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